Why you should get your teeth whitened professionally

Over the years, it is only natural for our teeth to get stained over periods of time through excessive drinking of fizzy drinks, too much tea or or other reasons.

Just as each human being has a different tone of skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, the same applies to teeth in that some may have more yellow teeth in comparison to others.

So – whatever your reason for teeth whitening be it cosmetically appealing, you’re afraid to show your teeth or before your next big wedding where you wish to have a perfect smile, dental professionals including here at GDP (Guildford Dental Practice) offer a range of both in-chair and at home teeth-whitening courses that start from £320 and range in price dependent on your choice of path on how to whiten your teeth.

For example, at Guildford Dental Practice one of the methods we use is Phillips ZOOM! which will require multiple visits to the dentist and arguably is not harmful at all. Your dentist will consult you upon these visits have you any problems or questions and will guide you to getting your teeth as white as possible! More information can be found at https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/teeth-whitening/

If you think teeth whitening is for you, go have a look at peoples’ results on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and even the internet on results from Phillip ZOOM! and other traditional whitening techniques, and save yourself from the hassle and myth of teeth whitening at home which can turn out for not the better – but for the worse!