Our Dental Plans

Guildford Dental Practice Dental Plan

There are some important and exciting developments being implemented here at Guildford Dental Practice.

We value our patients and we are always making sure that our patients come first and the treatment is at a very high standard. We have been thinking of ways that we could improve level and cost of our treatments and services. Since January 2012 we have introduced a new patient plan for our patients.

Our Dental Plans

Plan 1.

£16.85 per month which includes:

Exam x2 (with Dentist)

Hygiene x2 (with Hygienist)

X-rays as necessary

Plan 2.

£26.00 per month which includes:

Exam x2 (with Dentist)

Hygiene x4 (with Hygienist)

X-rays as necessary

Benefits of our Dental Plan

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Only £8.00 initial registration fee
  • Weekend supplementary emergency call out fee wavered
  • Preventative care for long term dental health
  • Dietary advice
  • Hygiene therapy tailored to your needs
  • Complex dental treatment referred to a specialist
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Smile makeover advice
  • Routine examination and hygienist appointment included
  • World wide accident and emergency insurance
  • Different plans to meet your needs
  • Comprehensive dental assessment
  • Less expensive to be on plan versus pay-as-you-go
  • Discounts on treatments

As an exclusive member  you will join a specific plan to meet your individual needs and all routine examinations and visits to the hygienists are covered by one simple affordable monthly direct debit payment.

How do I join?

Once you have registered with us as a new patient – joining the plan is very easy. Simply telephone or visit the practice and we can set it up for you.

Please be aware that you do not have to join our dental plan, this is an optional extra. An £8 registration fee applies.

Click on the link below to view our leaflet pdf. document

GDP leaflet

Membership Terms and Conditions

  • The Guildford Dental Care monthly membership fee covers only the treatments listed as part of the specific monthly payment Plan to which the patient has chosen to register.
  • Patients are entitled to the benefits of their chosen Plan from the date the first direct debit is extracted from the payer’s bank account
  • Additionally, the patient’s UK and Worldwide Supplementary Insurance cover will come into effect from the date the first direct debit is extracted from the payer’s bank account.
  • In the event that a Plan member ceases their membership contribution within the first 12 months, Guildford Dental Care reserves the right to reclaim the difference in financial value of any benefits received by the member.
  • Furthermore, a calculation will be based on a comparison of benefits of discounts on treatments received as a Plan member, when compared
    with the private fee scale of the practice (the fee scale payable by those patients that are not members of the (Guildford Dental Care).
  • Following the initial 12 month membership period, 3 months notice is required to terminate membership by the patient.
  • Guildford Dental Care reserve the right to give 3 months’ notice to Plan members of any proposed changes to the monthly cost of membership of the Plan.