Do straight teeth improve chances of getting a job?

Today’s job market is very competitive, so candidates need every advantage that they can get.

A hiring manager can form a first impression about you in just seconds. Appearance is important,as well as a great resume. Most job seekers realise that they need a nice suit and a great handshake, but they often forget the benefits of a friendly smile.

According to Kelton study, for most people, teeth are a standout feature when it comes to what they notice and recall when first meeting someone.Men and women with straight teeth are 21 percent more likely to be seen as happy, 47 percent more likely to be viewed as smart.

“Do straight teeth improve my chances of getting a job?”

“What does your smile say about you?”

Just remember that many employers today are looking for workers who can give customers a good first impression with their smile.

Because of all the benefits of having straight teeth, more and more kids and adults are getting braces.

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Appearance is important, as well as a great resume!