National Smile Month 16th May – 16th June 2016

smile month

It’s the 40th birthday of National Smile Month this year !!! It’s UK’s largest and longest running oral health campaign which takes place between 16 May and 16 June and aims to increase awareness of important oral health issues. As part of the National Smile Month here at Guildford Dental Practice we would like to share a few tips how to maintain good oral hygiene:


  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste ( after breakfast and after your last meal)
  • Don’t rinse after you finish brushing. Let the toothpaste make it’s magic 🙂
  • Use dental floss daily
  • Cut down consumption of sugary drinks and food
  • Visit regularly your dentist and hygienist

To  celebrate, Guildford Dental Practice  would like to offer all new patients . Examination, scale & polish, oral cancer assessment ,2 x-rays, head and neck anatomy assessment for £90 (RRP £120)

Keep on brushing 🙂

Until next time….